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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Making More Progress

I weighed in this morning at 237! My running is progressing at a steady rate and my 5 mile race is less than a week away. So much preparing to do this week. I've really been working on getting my protein intake up and I think I'm finally going to be successful at it. This past week I was able to fun 3/4mile solid in 9 minutes. That isn't super fast, but if I kept going I would have run  a full mile in about 10 minutes. Back in the high school days I could run a mile in around 6 minutes. I'm nowhere near that level right now but I'm not going for time, I'm going for distance. I want to be able to easily run 5 miles a day and feel good about it. I am currently running and walking just over 3 miles comfortably most days. I know that I won't be able to run the entire 5 miles this weekend, but as long as I get through it all I will be happy. I hope to have updated pictures of myself posted next weekend. I really think that my body has changed shape since the last picture. Maybe I'll even have a picture of me crossing the finish line!

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