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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Almost 3 Months

In just a few days it will be officially 3 months since my surgery. As of today I am down to 246 for a total of 35 pounds since surgery. Since the start of the program I am down 54 pounds. Since the day I became Veg to today I am down 78 pounds. Yowzer! As I was getting dressed this morning I decided that it was time to take another picture. I've lost about 9 pounds since my last one, but I had to change the outfit a little bit. I'm still wearing the same size and style tank top but I clipped it tighter in the back with a hair clip. I take the pictures with the tank so that I can see if there is any progress on my arms. I don't see much except that they are getting less solid and more flying squirrel like. I would never wear a tank out in public, it is just not me. I am wearing a size 18 pair of jeans in the picture as well. My body shape has changed since I was last at this weight. When I got married I weighed 239 and wore a size 16. I'm wearing an 18 and I'm pretty close to that weight. I think I have some extra belly skin to squeeze in now that I didn't have before. But I'm making progress and I feel better each week!

I've started to do lots of walking and jogging on my treadmill. I'm glad that I can do it because I know I couldn't do it a year ago. I've started the Couch 2 5K program and hope to stick with it. It isn't easy but I try to push myself as hard as I can and I know that it will get easier.

Eating is still getting easier as well. I still can't eat half of a sandwich yet without cutting the crust off. It has only been 3 months so I need to be a tad more patient. I am back to cooking meals in the evening again which is great for my husbands weight! Oh did I mention that I weigh less than him right now? I haven't weighed less than him in a very long time. He decided he better get moving so he can pass me! He is eating better with me and using my treadmill when our daughter naps. Here's to our healthy family!

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  1. Holy crap Lisa you look great!! There's a bunch of change there!!