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Friday, April 8, 2011

Goodbye bad weather, Hello treadmill!

My husband finally agreed to let me get a treadmill. He insisted that it would become a coat rack and we just didn't have room for it. I am certain that I will prove him wrong! I've used it twice now in the two days since it has been set up. My first day I did 20 minutes. The first 5 minutes I walked at 3.5mph and then I alternated 5mph for 1 minute and 3.5mph for 2 minutes. I made it to about 1.25 miles in that time frame. I wanted to go further but my lungs were burning. I have to remember that I'm 250 pounds and it will take some time to get up to speed. Tonight I did 26 minutes. I walked 3.25mph for the first 5 minutes and then alternated 5mph for 1 minute and 3.5mph for 3 minutes. I got to about 2.6 miles. My lungs are a little better and I think that this level is decent for a few more days. I hope to get back to the 2/1 minute intervals as soon as possible! I'm amazed at what I can already do with the size of my body and the condition of it.

I had a knee surgery about 8 years ago because my meniscus was shredded. It was crazy looking. They weren't able to repair it so instead they just cut most of it out so it kinda looks like a crescent moon on that one. Sometimes my knee hurts a lot because there isn't much cushioning left. They removed a flap of cartilage because apparently I had bone spurs behind my knee cap that just wore it away into a crater. Sound good right? They told me that I would probably need another surgery and a possible knee replacement within 10 years. Yeah right. I think 32 is a tad young for a knee replacement! I'm hoping that exercising and getting some of this weight off will up my chances that I won't have to get it. Until next time, adieu.~

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