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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mother Nature is Working Against Me!

I've really been trying to get in my workouts but it is a little hard when the weather is all over the place. It was nice then snowing then nice then windy and raining. I gave up and went out and bought me a brand new treadmill. Now the weather won't dictate my workouts! This is way cooler anyhow. If it is 100 degrees out I can still get in a workout or if its raining or snowing. I'm excited and it will be here in two days! Oh and I am dead set to do my first race or run or walk or whatever you want to call it. I'm doing the 5 mile this year but next year I plan to do the whole thing! It is only a month and a half a way so I really have to get moving! New weight update. I hit 250!!! I am so excited! I am now officially at the weight I was when I started infertility. I am 10 pounds away from when I got married and 50 pounds away from when I met my current husband. I am really excited to get out of the 250's and into the 240's. I know that my exercise and determination will get me there!

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  1. Your current husband? You have plans for the future that Jay doesn't know about? LMAO! :-*