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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Move it!

I've made about a thousand excuses for not exercising enough. I'm done making excuses. The little that I'm doing just isn't cutting it. Yesterday I got up off my duff and dusted off my sneakers and threw them on. My ambitious attempt at a 2 miles walk/jog/run didn't exactly go over so well. I guess the wind advisory wasn't kidding. The sand whipping in my face, my shirt billowing around me and the sun in my eyes. It was a memorable first outside workout. I ran twice for about 90 seconds each time. Not having a proper bra on was definitely a thorn in my side. The girls tried to escape many times through every possible exit my bra would offer. Also, when skin flaps bounce up and down when you run, it effing hurts! Picture someone grabbing on to your skin and yanking it down every time you run. Yeah, ouch. Regardless, I did 1 mile in about 17 minutes. Quite pitiful by anyone's standards, but I went out and did something. Today I'm hoping to accomplish more. First on the agenda is to go out and get a decent bra to exercise in. I'm also going to try and get a slimming cami to help hold my excess in place so it isn't bouncing around with me. Maybe that will give me some more success. Stay tuned to see just how far my fat ass can go this week!

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